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The law firm offers specialised legal assistance in relation to artworks and cultural heritage. The law firm represents all art market’s players, whether artists, private collectors, auction houses, insurance companies, museums and no-profit organisations, art historians, artists’ foundations, art dealers and galleries.

In art law, the law firm assists clients in every kind of legal matter, whether it comes to the purchase of artworks, or to the tax efficiency planning, restoration and conservation, or the disposal of artworks by counselling in:

  • the purchase, sale, exhibition and loan of artworks and cultural assets
  • the due diligence for the acquisition, exhibition, import and export of artworks and cultural assets
  • the custom processing of import-export and the compliance with customs' procedures and international regulations
  • copyright and intellectual property rights disposal and licensing
  • litigation related to authenticity and art forgery
  • compliance with archives and foundations procedures to request certificates of authenticity
  • in cooperation with art experts, art inventory management, historic-artistic classification and evaluation of art collections
  • in cooperation with scientific laboratories and art historians, the diagnostic and scientific analysis of the artworks
  • in cooperation with the best art restoration companies, the planning, restoration and conservation of art and cultural assets
  • legal and tax advice on collection management and inheritance planning
  • the recovery of stolen artworks
  • disclosure of capital/investments in artworks kept overseas